【ご案内】<FANCY SANRIO CHARACTERS>-LOVELY 80’s& SWEET HEART- 期間限定ショップ 11月7日(水)の販売について











※お申込みはMICARD⁺・伊勢丹アイカード・三越 M CARD会員(仮カードは除く)のお客さま・お申込み中のお客さまと、カード会員以外のお客さまとで抽選を分けさせていただきます。上記カードをお持ちのお客さまとお申込み中のお客さまを優先的に抽選させていただきます。尚、MICARD⁺をお申込み中のお客さまには先着で、イベントオリジナル缶バッヂ2個セットをプレゼントいたします。





















     日程:11月8日(木)~12(月) 各日正午~午後8時

          11月13日(火)      正午~午後6時









Regarding the sale of <FANCY SANRIO CHARACTERS> -LOVELY 80’s& SWEET HEART- Limited Time Shop on Nov 7 (Wed)


■7F Main Building =Banquet Room


For customers who wish to participate the sale on Nov 7 (Wed) please apply to the digital ticket service 「PassMarket」 for the entrance lottery from Oct 26 (Fri) ~noon on Nov 2 (Fri).


PassMarket Event Page (Link to external site)



※One person can only apply once. If you apply for multiple times or multiple types of tickets, you will be excluded from the lottery.

※Applications will be made separately for customers who have MICARD number · Isetan I-card · Mitsukoshi M CARD · MI CARD members (excluding temporary cards), to those who do not have members card. Preferentially drawing will be for customers who have or are applying for the above cards. In addition, a gift of 2 event original badges will be given to customers who are applying for MICARD on a first come, first served basis.


For customers who do not have MICARD and wish to apply, please click the following URL. (Please enter "1033" for application code.)



【List of requests regarding entrance】

・·Entry time will be notified via e-mail after lottery at the pass market.

・Customers who enter the preliminary lottery must have ID (driver's license, passport, insurance card, Resident Register card with photo, alien registration card etc.) and smartphone on the day.

・Please come to the designated place at the specified time. If you are late, your entrance will not be permitted for any reason.

・The entrance ticket will be in a form displayed on the customer's smartphone. Please display the admission ticket before lining up. In addition, screen shot will be invalidate.

・After confirming the name at the time of application and the name of the ID, entrance will be permitted. Those who do not have ID will not be allow to enter.

· Customers who have selected tickets for "Customers with MICARDS" should also bring their MICARDS. Also, please note that if the name on their MICARD is different from the customer who applies for the passmarket will not be allow entrance.

・Customers who did not participate in the lottery can be allowed entrance in the order they come after those who did participate in the lottery. Please confirm the details with the staff on the day.


【List of requests regarding shopping】    

・Entrance・purchase is only limited to the said person. In addition, lending or borrowing smartphone is not permitted. If discovered to be the case, both side will not be able to make a purchase.

・As many customers wish to make purchases, there is a chance you may not be able to make a purchase even if you qued up.

 Regarding purchase, only on the first day of sale, 1 person is only allowed to purchase each type each color each size of up to 3 items.

In addition, regarding the Fancy A la Mode stuffed doll · Olor Japan Candle, depending on the product, is limited to 1 per person.

・Depending on the crowdedness on the day, purchasing time may be limited.

 We will accept orders by phone・COD if stock is available. Please call the representative number (03-3352-1111) on the following dates.

   Nov 8 (Thu)~Nov 12 (Mon) Noon~20:00 each day

   Nov 13 (Tue)         Noon~18:00

In addition, there are some items that are not eligible for phone order, please ask the staff for details.


・Holding items by phone order is not accepted.

・As the items are limited in quantity, the items may be sold out quickly.


※For details, please inquire with the staff on the day.














※申请电子票分为持有MICARD⁺・伊势丹 I CARD・三越 M CARD・MI CARD会员(临时卡除外)的顾客和正在申请或不持有会员卡的顾客。我们将对持有以上会员卡的顾客进行优先抽选。此外,由此申请MICARD⁺的顾客将获赠活动原创徽章2个。






・有关入场时间,通过 PassMarket 抽选后,我们将以电子邮件方式通知。






・没有参加抽选的顾客,当日, 通过抽选的顾客购物后依次接待。详细情况请当日咨询工作人员。






此外、Fancy a la mode 的毛绒玩偶・OLOR JAPAN 的蜡烛 每人仅限购买1件。


・有关电话订购,在有库存的情况下,总机(03-3352-1111) 以下时间受理电话订购。

           11月8日(周四)~11月12(周一) 每日正午~晚上8点

           11月13日(周二)             正午~晚上6点